What is the most powerful form of marketing you have come across?

Word-of-mouth, isn't it?

What have you received while exercising this most powerful means of marketing?

- Satisfaction of promoting something that you believe with conviction
- Saved money for the company which was referred

Will you have fun if the saved money of the company was also shared with you for the word-of-mouth marketing that you helped it with?

If you enjoy the retail products in our marketplace, you can share or refer to your friends and relatives into this business and they can also enjoy like you. Along with the wealth that they make for themselves, the plan also ensures to pass on the benefit to you as you introduce them to the business through your precious 'word-of-mouth'.

Product / Package And Income Details

*Can topup one plan to next upper plan

*Bank Transfer, Cheque & Western Union Transfer is possible

*Weekly ceiling amount on the basis of business performance only

*Trimming will be applicable, if it is neccessary

*Closing Day - Saturday

*Payout Day - 10 Days after closing day

*Power side will be carried forwarded

*USD 50 per year towards maintenance and upgrades

Direct Referral Income

An income which can change your life within next 15 minutes. Referring your dears and nears is not a big challenge, using your potentials and helping each other to reach your goals within no time. If any individual wants to earn a handsome income, then he or she needs a lot of referrals to earn and in effect it will become a stable income for their entire lifespan. This is an extra opportunity to earn more than what you get from your current job. Social media is one of the main source of direct referral. Now people are well aware of internet and social media sites like facebook, google+, twitter etc. By sharing our listing companies’ banners via social medias it’s an income for you (pay per click system). Grab this opportunity and become part of it.

Business Volume Matching Income

This is a next level of income which is the future of incomes. We all understand that more the volume more the profit. We here introduce a concept of increasing more volumes of business and increase your incomes more than your expectations. How do I get paid? You will earn commissions based on where the Group Sales Volume on the left and right sides of your Business Center match. Simultaneously you double your income without even knowing. This will enable you to withdraw even upto $50,000 a week. Amazing right? So why should you wait? Come and grow with us.

Generation Royalty

The affiliates are eligible for benefiting from the package of purchase above 300$ and will be eligible to get the Generation royalty and the above fifteen sponsors of the affiliate are eligible to earn 5$,10$,and 20$ respectively according to the value of the package

Additional Benefits

Pay Per Click

This is an amazing opportunity for those who wish to work from home and get income for each unique click they make. To get this income, you just need to become an affiliate through "Social Media Signup and need to promote the banners which appears in "Promotion=> Banners & Links'' area in Affiliate's dash board. Click on each banner, and your account will be updated with USD 0.01 for each unique click. That means, one click per day per banner will be approved. But to get more and more income, just share each banner in social media repeatedly by clicking Social media buttons under each banner. After sharing the banner, if your friends / followers click on your shared banner, will be considered a unique click, and you will get paid! For example, if you share a banner in social media, 100 of your friends click on the banner then you will get USD 1. The first USD 140 of your earned income will be used for onetime software setup cost automatically by the system. But the rest of all Pay Per Click income that you earned by sitting in home will be transferred to account whenever you want.

You can transfer minimum USD 50 to your account, Bank transfer charges will be applicable...!!!

Social Media Bonus

One who develop their face book friends address as to the maximum (5000 friends) will get a yearly (January - December) bonus @ 5% of the total enlisting turnover of the company divided to all achievers equally

Yearly Bonus

If any of the Amjobz Affiliates gets 2500 unique click (1 Unit), on promotional pages of Amjobzglobal Directory enlisted companies through Social Media Sharing, those affiliates are eligible for yearly bonus @ 5% of the total yearly turnover of companies promotional income accumulated on a pool and will be equally divided and distributed to them

Enlisting & Promotions

All the affiliates can enlist endless number of companies and do promotions of their Business, which contain the products and services from all over the world. Affiliate is benefited from 25% of the package cost

How Can Join This System

  • Choose product from the above list

  • Pay the product price using our online payment system

  • After verifying the payment, you will get Parent ID, EPin and Position via Email

  • After receiving Parent ID, EPin and Position via Email follow the below link for SignUp

Money Back Policy

We assure 100% money back guarantee for your investments. If you want to refund your money, send a money back request to the company within 7 days of purchase. After deducting processing fees balance amount will be refunded to your account.

Terms and Conditions

1. An affiliate can join the system, free of cost and different set of terms and conditions apply, see below 'Free affiliate entry'

2. Affiliate registration and software setup to be done at USD 140 (Fast Track)

3. A 7 day free look-up period is granted to the software set up, products and services for a newly joined affiliate with full refund

4. Renewal charges from second year onwards would be USD 50 per year

5. Affiliate position and privileges are non-transferrable but inheritable as per the law of the land

6. One individual will get only any position in the genealogy. KYC requirements as laid out in section below

7. Eligibility for legally identified adults only (most countries above age 18)

8. Introducing new affiliates into the system without any pressure makes you eligible for 'affiliate commission'

9. An affiliate can introduce minimum 2 other affiliates directly and as many as he likes indirectly by building similar system

10. First pay-out will come only after 10 days of closing

11. All the terms of the agreement is subject to UAE jurisdiction.

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